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Want a private session with a specific artist, but they’re in another city? No problem. Travel isn’t always possible due to schedule or budget, but in the digital age, we want to make our creatives from around the world easily accessible to you via ZOOM. This unique digital experience can be customized to fit your specific needs: audition technique, vocal technique, dance technique, acting through song, deepening your creative practice and much more.


If you're studying theatre, an aspiring writer or filmmaker, auditioning for college/drama school, or want help with public speaking, LEAP will connect you with the right creative.




Are you ready to embark on the journey to a more creative you?


THE CHALLENGE : One day every month, set aside time and do something creative, no matter how small, and share it with us. This will be the gift of an extra LEAP Day every Month starting Feb 29th. Guided and supported by our creative team, we will keep you accountable and set your goals every month.


This is for EVERYONE. Not only our LEAP adults, parents, and young people - but also our creative team. Every LEAP day at the end of the month you will get a chance to share this creative journey either privately with us, or with our community.



Once you click below you will be prompted to send an email to Tell us the names and ages of who will be accepting the challenge. Any young participant under the age of 18 who would like to take part, we will correspond with you via your parent or legal guardian.


Let the challenge begin. A personalized email will be sent to you from our founder, Zachary Morris, informing you how to take the next exciting steps.


Our LEAP community all over the world will be taking part, this is your chance to UNEARTH your creative roots with the support and guidance of our creative team! Maybe this month your challenge is to rearrange your furniture, think creatively about cooking dinner, or putting pen to paper and write a poem?


The aim of The Lightbulb Sessions is to inspire, inform, and ignite our community of artists.


This is a free online resource on YOUTUBE for our community where they can learn about pathways into creative arts, and be inspired by the industry’s leading artists. There will be one video every month showcasing a series of Q and A’s with industry professionals talking about their pathway into the arts. These questions are submitted via our website and social media, and then given to our featured artist.

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