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Creative, London/Ireland

KEVIN KIELY JR Creative, London/Ireland

Kevin Kiely Jnr. is an Actor, Theatre & Film Maker, Project Manager & Restaurateur. He earned his Degree in Theatre from the Guildford School of Acting.


Kevin has worked at The Old Vic Theatre in the play Six Degrees of Separation. He has worked on both The Dark Knight Rises and World War Z Hollywood Films.


As a maker of Theatre & Film work, he focusses his creativity on the Championing of Women and the Destructive force of the Ego.


Kevin is a Vegan, and he has turned this passion into The Old Fire Station *Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant with two Business partners over the Winter of 2016. They converted a sizeable ground floor section of Limerick's Old Fire Station into an Industrial Restaurant with a Small, Fresh & Seasonal Menu.


Kevin is passionate about passion, and he is dedicated to working with individuals who are as passionate about life, and all it entails, as he is.

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