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"Leap has given this talented group of young people the confidence to be themselves and let their own light shine. My 3 have grown so much in confidence and self ability, it has been amazing to watch. Especially for my autistic son who avoided interaction with people, and was to scared to get involved. Working with Zach and Becky has really changed his look on life and has shown him he is not only talented, he is also amazing, worthy, and ok to be himself"  Emma Thorp, Leicestershire
LEAP - The Leading Edge Arts Project - London & New York
"What a wonderful week our children had, my daughter Erin came home every night so excited, exhausted and energised and couldn't wait for the next morning. Such inspiring teachers, thank you!" Fiona Davis, Salisbury

If you are a parent and considering whether to sign your kids up for one of these workshops, do not hesitate! What these guys achieved in just 5 days was phenomenonal. They gave them a taste of the kind of rigour and discipline that is required to do this sort of thing properly but underpinned by engaging with the childrens' individual hopes, fears, talents and aspirations. And they also engendered a great sense of teamwork, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that together we can do amazing things!  Sarah Mann, London

Take the LEAP with The Leading Edge Arts Project - London & New York

“LEAP were an absolute privilege and pleasure to work with. The quality of the workshop content and the performance work the participants were able to achieve across the 4 days, demonstrated some of the best work we had ever seen as a venue. Zach and Becky’s professionalism and nurturing approach to every young person involved was a joy to watch"

"Cannot recommend highly enough! My daughter has found a confidence to perform that she never knew she had and thoroughly enjoyed herself too! Professional and inspiring, 5 stars isn't enough. Please come back soon" Julie Wood, London

“I’ve made friends and had an absolute blast, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do what I love"

“I’ve had such a great week, its given me back my courage and taught me not to be afraid, I don’t think I can ever thank them enough for the doors they have opened for me. The show was amazing, I am shattered but encouraged and empowered to go and get what I want in life and never stop dreaming.”

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