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LEAP is an arts empowerment initiative for everyone, everywhere. Artist-driven, radically inclusive, and fundamentally collaborative. We activate individual and collective human growth through deeply artistic experiences, led by the worlds top artists.



BEING on the leading edge means BEING the most innovative and most forward-thinking version of you. The leading edge is where we encourage you to push the boundaries and limitations within yourself, leading you towards a more creative and joyful life.

Your thoughts turn into things.

Your visions become creations.

Your reality is one where you can create with complete freedom. 

Your passion is your power.

Being on the Leading Edge for me means to challenge myself and the society around me - when I'm on the Leading Edge, I'm constantly pushing my limits and expanding my own self and knowledge. 


To me, being on the leading edge means lifting others up, taking risks, standing for what you believe but also not being afraid to learn and grow and change how you think. 



I love the priceless ingenuity of multiple creative minds coming together, and the potentials of all ages and backgrounds working collaboratively without fear or judgement. Few places can offer such a place of unity and creative freedom of expression. Feels like home every time


LEAP is the only place to be if you love performing or just want to be creative. I love getting to know amazing people from all over the world and see talent in all its forms! I always leave the week with a better understanding of who I am, but mainly I love creating magic and sharing it with the world


This is the avenue to take whatever your age... The person you already are will be magnificently embraced giving yourself permission to grow creatively, and you finally feel you have something good to bring the world not only for others, but for yourself as well. The possibilities are endless


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